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Source: NJ.com

Carter: Notorious Newark tenant finally evicted after hassling landlords for years

A kind of legal history was made recently in Newark.

Mark Newton, who makes an appearance in this column every six months or so, was actually evicted. It took the landlord three and half years but he is out.

For more than 20 years, Newton has made fighting evictions a specialty - fighting his own eviction. And he does it pro se but donít be fooled by that, this fellow knows his way around the court room.

His legal tactics have frustrated Essex County landlords to no end. After he moves in, they say he damages their apartments and stops paying rent while accusing them of renting shabby units. Then heíll tie them up in court - and anybody else who challenges him - with a barrage of harrassment complaints and lawsuits. The strategy is so exhausting landlords say it takes years and thousands of dollars to get him out.

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